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  • Priyansh Khodiyar

    Priyansh Khodiyar

    I code, blog, and interview people. khodiyarPriyansh@gmail.com, on Twitter @priyanskhodiyar. Say Hi.

  • David Wells

    David Wells

  • Ryan Sears

    Ryan Sears

    Founder of Cali Dog Security & builder of things.

  • Luca Bongiorni

    Luca Bongiorni

    Non aetate verum ingenio apiscitur sapientia / Omnia silendo ut audeam nosco / There is no deduction for excellence / Tweets are my own

  • Fabien Potencier

    Fabien Potencier

    founder and CEO @SensioLabs and @blackfireio, founder and project lead @Symfony

  • Guillaume Loulier

    Guillaume Loulier

    PHP developer @SensioLabs, Symfony addict (3, 4, 5 & 6 certified!)

  • Grav


    A Modern Flat-File CMS. Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy, & Amazingly Powerful...

  • Lea Verou

    Lea Verou

    Web standards (WCSS WG, W3C TAG), Usability research (MIT CSAIL), Open source. I ❤ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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