Golang for infosec — Building an EDR #Part2 — YARA rules

Go, C, … cgo!

// #include <stdio.h>
// #include <errno.h>
import “C”

Compile your YARA rules

go get github.com/hillu/go-yara
go install github.com/hillu/go-yara
// LoadYaraRules compile yara rules from specified paths and return a pointer to the yara compiler
func LoadYaraRules(path []string) (compiler *yara.Compiler, err error) {
compiler, err = yara.NewCompiler()
if err != nil {
return nil, errors.New("Failed to initialize YARA compiler")
for _, dir := range path {
f, err := os.Open(dir)
if err != nil{
log.Println("[ERROR]", "Could not open rule file ", dir, err)
namespace := filepath.Base(dir)[:len(filepath.Base(dir))-4] if err = compiler.AddFile(f, namespace); err != nil{
log.Println("[ERROR]", "Could not load rule file ", dir, err)
return compiler, nil}

Search for YARA match

// PerformYaraScan use provided YARA rules and search for match in the given byte slicefunc PerformYaraScan(data []byte, rules *yara.Rules) yara.MatchRules {
result, err := YaraScan(data, rules)
if err != nil{
log.Println("[ERROR]", err)
return result




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Jean-Pierre GARNIER

Jean-Pierre GARNIER

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